Het oor wil ook wat - door Max Majorana.

november 27, 2015


01/Stadt - Aching Not To Call
02/Canshaker PI - Looking For Love On Ibiza
03/Girl Band - Pears For Lunch
04/Field Music - The Noisy Days Are Over
05/Waterstrider - Frayed
06/Naive Set - Rabbits
07/Luke Reed - Pathetic
08/Nouveau VĂ©lo - Like A Sun
09/dirk. - Hide
10/Flying Horseman - Wild Colours
11/Trust Fund - Football
12/David Bowie - Blackstar
13/SOFTSPOT - Abalone
14/Fakear - Morning In Japan
15/Saharan Gazelle Boy - Strange Teen Heart
16/Wavves - My Head Hurts
17/Thurston Moore - Speak To The Wild
18/M.I.A. - Borders

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